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North American Pipe Corporation, a Westlake company, is a leading polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe manufacturer in North America. Founded in 1992, North American Pipe manufactures a broad range of gasketed, solvent welded, and restrained joint pipes for a diverse range of markets including municipal water and sewer, residential plumbing, water well, agricultural irrigation, turf and mining.  NAPCO offers a broad range of standard and specialty piping, and fittings; including brands such as Certa-Lok®, Yelomine®, Certa-Set® and Certa-Flo®. 

Responsive, Reliable Service

With 15 manufacturing/distribution facilities across North America, we have superior capability to efficiently service our customers. This translates to prompt deliveries and superior responsiveness from our knowledgeable and courteous customer care team. Our dedication to service is at the core of our business and remains unparalleled in the industry. Click here to contact our customer care team.


North American Pipe HQ in Houston, TX
North American Pipe's corporate office, located in Houston, TX

North American Pipe Corporation acquires CertainTeed Pipe and Foundations Division

Pipe and Foundations Group of CertainTeed Corporation is acquired by North American Pipe Corporation, the second largest producer of PVC pipe in the United States. Today the company continues on the path of product innovation, quality and superior customer service with an eye on developing industry trends and best in class operations.


North American Pipe adds Janesville, Wisconsin Plant through Freedom Plastics Acquisition

In 2009, North American Pipe acquired the Janesville, Wisconsin plant from Freedom Plastics. This enabled the company to expand several existing product lines, as well as add Schedule 80 and large diameter Schedule 40 pipe to our offerings.


North American Pipe expands with construction of two plants

North American Pipe expands with the construction of two plants, Calvert City, Kentucky and Yucca, Arizona providing for increased large diameter capacity and extending service to the western US.


North American Pipe acquires three plants from Bristolpipe

North American Pipe purchases three PVC pipe plants from Bristolpipe, located in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.


North American Pipe acquires three additional plants and begins producing vinyl fence

North American Pipe acquires three additional PVC pipe plants located in Indiana, Illinois, and Arkansas specializing in pipe for potable water and sewer applications. NAPCO also begins producing vinyl fence at the Mississippi plant known today as Westech Fence, leading producer of PVC fence components.


North American Pipe acquires Texas PVC pipe plant

North American Pipe acquires a North Texas PVC pipe plant producing a broad product line including PVC pipe for plumbing and industrial applications as well as for water and sewer projects.


North American Pipe forms as subsidiary of Westlake Chemical Corporation

North American Pipe Corporation, a subsidiary of Westlake Chemical Corporation, is formed with the purchase of three PVC pipe plants located in Georgia, Kentucky, and Mississippi.


Certa-Lok product line continues to expand

From 1990 to 2013, the Company continues to develop and evolve the Certa-Lok product line with new pipe products ideally designed for use in municipal water and sewer, electrical and telecommunications, residential and commercial water well, agricultural irrigation as well as mining/energy.


Certa-Lok expands into municipal water and sewer market

Certa-Lok's application reach is further expanded into the municipal water and sewer market with the introduction of C900/RJ™.


Certa-Lok expands into water well casing PVC pipe products

Certa-Lok restraint system is integrated into water well casing PVC pipe products as an improvement over standard solvent weld systems. The new found ability to assemble and install Certa-Lok well casings much faster than conventional pipe materials fueled and continues to drive its popularity within this market.


Certa-Lok Restrained Joint PVC Pipe is introduced

The Company introduces Certa-Lok® for use in the mining industry as a mechanical PVC pipe joint option.


North American Specialty Products (formerly CertainTeed Pipe) begins manufacturing PVC Pipe

North American Specialty Products (formerly CertainTeed Pipe) is a newly established operating division of CertainTeed Corporation manufacturing PVC pipe for the US market.

Broad Range of Quality, Innovative Products

North American Pipe Corporation’s extensive product offering includes pipes ranging from ½” to 36” in diameter, in gasketed, solvent welded, and restrained joint configurations. Certa-Lok®, our time-tested, highly renowned joining system, “locks” pipes together when a nylon spline is inserted into a precision-machined groove, creating a fully circumferential restrained joint. Our North American Specialty Products brand provides innovative, high quality draining, waterproofing and forming solutions that are easy to use, and save time and money on every project.

Our vertical integration with Westlake provides our pipe plants a consistent supply of premium quality PVC resin. This helps ensure quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. We strictly adhere to industry standards including ASTM, AWWA, UL and FM to ensure our customers get exactly what they need.

Our research & development engineering team is among the largest and most seasoned in the industry, and is continually working to drive product enhancements that deliver superior quality and innovation in the marketplace. Click on the “Products” tab on the top of the screen to learn more about our full range of PVC pipe products and foundation building products.